Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Need a Little Help???

Hi Girls!!

Okay, I've decided to give yall a little help on finding the hidden pictures :)  Here's the catch tho...since I'm giving you some help you will have to tell me in your email WHERE the picture is hidden. 

Also...some of you are having trouble because of the size of the picture.  Remember you can go into your "view" setting and increase the zoom. 

Here are 7 hints  :)

1.  I am a letter of the alphabet

2.  Like company I should be tossed out after 3 days

3.  Dominos is a pro at this

4.  A good one is hard to put down

5.  Bugs Bunny loves them

6.  This is hard to find in a haystack

7.  This beats a fork for eating soup

I also need to clarify one thing...if no one finds all 15 items then I will start counting down.  I will draw a winner from the ones who found the most.   Example...If no one finds 15, 14, or 13 items but 22 of you find 12 items I will draw the winner from those 22.

Happy searching :)

Jane, Design Team

1 comment:

  1. I'm still looking!!! :) Had most of the hints you gave :) But still working on the picture :) Love seek and find!