Sunday, October 28, 2012


Happy Sunday Yall !!

Just a few days left on our game.  I decided to post the items here so you have time to give it one last search.  Remember when you email me,  you must tell me WHERE these items are locateted.  My email is  

I have a little something to sweeten the winner's prize.  We are trying to build our blog following.  You can help us do that by sharing our blog with your circle of friends and asking them to share.  IF we can get to 100 followers by the time this game ends I will draw a name from ALL entries to win a special little prize I'll send the winner :)   Please help us build our blog!!

Please excuse the "marks" on the pic of the answers.  I had to find all the answers myself before asking you to find them!!

Also want to let yall know that the Elite4u Designers will begin holding an auction on our Facebook Fan Page every Tuesday evening at 8 pm EST beginning October 30.   This will be a lot of fun and the chance for you to have "instant gratification" by purchasing items on the spot.   Winning bidders will be first come first served so be ready to join us at 8 pm sharp :)

Thanks and have a wonderful day!!

Jane, Design Team

**remember you can enlarge pic by going to view


  1. Well I had the majority of them, sent you my answers and then saw I had to send you another email :). Lots of fun...thanks!

  2. My 9-year-old son is going to kill me! ;) We found 16 items (or so we thought)...I just never got around to emailing them to you yet (I will do that now)!!! Now with the answer key, everyone will be a winner (& he was so proud!).

    Thanks so much for the fun and for the chance to win,

    partridgelu at yahoo dot com