Wednesday, October 31, 2012


Congrats to Jennifer Partridge winner in our Hidden Picture game.   Jennifer please email me your snail mail address so your prize can be mailed.

Thanks to those that played our game!  Keep checking in for more games and give-a-ways!

Happy Halloween!


Here are the answers.  I  copied from Jennifer's list  because she had them so neatly arranged!!

1) Slice of Pizza=flying ghost's hat

2) Carrot=on band of witch's hat

3) Spoon=coming out of witch's broom and leaf of tree

4) Letter H=on window on the left side of largest house

5) Book=walking ghost's treat bag

6) Funnel=in between branches of tallest tree in front of largest house

7) Artist's Brush=from flying ghost to middle stripe/mark on cat's back

8) Tea Bag=flying ghost's treat bag and the paper part is between tail and her right sleeve (sleeve on our left as looking at picture)

9) Spatula=tree and roof of smallest house

10) Fish=between two tree trunks on right in front of largest house

11) Snake=on tree trunk of tree on left (largest tree; ends at flying ghost's tail)

12) Hammer=shoulder and sleeve of king's robe (white handle is between two black stripes on sleeve)

13) Ax=coming out of side of largest tree and forming wall of house

14) Needle=third stripe from right on (bottom of) king's robe

15) Flag=third stripe from the left on king's robe is flag pole and flag flows between the ribbons


  1. Jane,

    Thank you so much for the fun contest! I am soooooo super excited to have won!!!!!!!!!! :)

    Hope you had a fun Halloween!

    Crafty hugs,

    Partridgelu at yahoo dot com

  2. Hi, I need more info! How many a people answered and play the game? Did we reach the one hundred goal?? How many people had the right answers? You can't just leave us hanging! ha ha How did you finally pic the winner? My granddughter is 7yo(she is my only scrapping buddy) and is so disapponted that we didn't win (and so is her nana!) ha ha We spent hours on this together but it was really fun! She wants to know "are you sure that needle isn't in the top of that broom somewhere?" haha Thanks so much for a good but challenging game. ( :

  3. You're welcome Jennifer! Thanks again for playing. We'll have another fun contest soon :)

    Joanna! Need more info huh!! LOL I had several people send me emails about the game ("I'm working on it" etc) but only 3 emailed me their answers. Two of you 3 had the right answers and I put those 2 names in a bowl and had my hubby draw one...Jennifer was the winner :) I know that is a very high tech way to do it!!! LOL And yes, I'm positive the needle was not in the broom :) I'm glad we gave you and your granddaughter a fun challenge!

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    Jane, Design Team